Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heart of Cape Town Museum

Today we visited the Heart of Cape Town Museum. We experienced the drama of the first heart transplant which gave the world new hope.

It was a fantastic outing which brought alive the characters of the surgeon, Chris Barnard, as well as the donor and recipient. This amazing feat was performed on 3 December 1967, just 14 days before I was born. The operation was performed at Groote Schuur Hospital . I remember going there as young child with my father, a neurosurgeon, and waiting for him as he checked on patients or had to do emergency operations. I had forgotten about those days but the memories flooded back as we visited there today.

The museum honours the skill and wisdom of the heart transplant team and gives one an almost tangible insight into the lives of the donor and recipient. We visited the original theatres where the operation took place and history was made.

The children found it really interesting , especially Keren who was totally fascinated by everything. Perhaps we have another doctor or nurse in the making?

“Success begins with a fellow’s will: It’s all in the state of the mind” (From Walter D. Wintle’s inspiring poem, often quoted by Barnard).

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday 23rd February

I thought I should share about the photo on the header of my blog. It was taken on one of our many trips to places we have learned about over the last year. It was a magnificent day out with my sister and her family. We roamed around the estate, Vergelegen. The cousins ran free and dreamed of buying the estate one day and all living there together. It was such a blessing to see them exploring this beautiful place and dreaming of owning it one day.

Vergelegen was the farm of Willem Adriaan Van Der Stel (1664-1733), Governor of the Cape Colony, and covered most of what is now Somerset West.He transformed the untamed land into a paradise. He was however unpopular among the free burgers of the Cape who accused him of using his position to enrich himself.He was recalled to the Netherlands by the Dutch East India Company in 1706 and never returned.

The photo was taken in the back garden of the Homestead. The estate is beautifully maintained and is well worth a visit.

"I saw this place with exceptional pleasure, since everything there was laid out wonderfully finely." Reverend Francois Valentijn, November 1705

The children admire a magnificent hollow Oak tree, the oldest living Oak in Africa !

Sunday, February 22, 2009

FOR TODAY Sunday 22nd February...

Outside my icy wind is blowing and the leaves are rustling

I am is time for bed , in fact long past bedtime

I am thankful warm home

From the learning rooms...we are starting a new book in the morning about the gold rush

From the kitchen...Eric made a wonderful homemade pizza tonight with bacon and mushroom , a treat for me to have a night off

I am wearing...a camel coloured t shirt and brown pants

I am creating... the soft brown and camel scarf I had not finished last winter

I am going...on an outing to the Groote Schuur Museum this week. It is where the first heart transplant was done in 1967 by Professor Chris Barnard

I am reading...the Five Love Languages of Teenagers

I am hoping...for good weather on our camping trip next weekend

I am cats heavy breathing as they snuggle up on the couch together

Around the house...all is quiet as the children sleep peacefully

One of my favorite things...watching my 13 year old son at ballroom dancing

A few plans for the rest of the week: going to help my sister who is moving house soon . Also look forward to camping with good friends on the weekend.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing....

Silvermine Dam where we have spent lazy days enjoying the summer sun and ice cold mountain water..........

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Sunday 22 February

I thought it time to start a blog so our families can see what we are up to on our amazing journey. It has been a journey that has been filled with fun over the last year as we have explored the history of our amazing country.We have enjoyed visiting many places and are continuing our journey this year. We are blessed to be living and learning together.