Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: One That Flew By

Another week seems to have slipped by so fast! 
The mornings are noticeably darker and the sun does not seem so harsh despite the beautiful sunny days. Leaves are beginning to turn shades of brown and autumn is on its way. 

I have missed my girl this week as she has had a busy one with three days where she has been gone from early morning until evening. Two days were taken up with hair modelling
and she now sports a funky purple hairdo! Art classes took up the remainder of those days and yesterday she spent the day at the Design Indaba Expo with her art school. 

This is South Africa's premier showcase of high-end African design. African talent and creativity at its best. Design across all disciplines: architectural, communication design, design for social impact, digital design, industrial design, fashion and accessories, furniture, handmade goods, home ware and jewelry!

She had a fantastic day! The students were sponsored by Woolworths and given backpacks filled with all sorts of goodies as well as t shirts. They attended workshops and she thoroughly enjoyed exploring the expo and meeting and chatting to designers. She met the creators of a new South African superhero comic book and they were inspired to create a character based on her as they loved her purple hairdo so much! 

On the days she was home she spent much time on her art practical and has enjoyed reading her set-work, The Life of Pi. 

Zak has made good progress this week and we were thankful that big brother was here one evening to help with math concepts. One of my requirements is that he reads at least a chapter a day in whatever book he is reading. The weeks read has seen him reading more than a chapter a day as he is enjoying the story.

Oh, and he was thankful to get a haircut this week too!

I had some challenging mosaic work this week.

 Miss ducky! I have not worked with cement and sometimes the tiles didn't hold and would fall off while I was working on another area. 

We enjoyed a visit from my little nephew too. Always a pleasure!

And yes, he's had a haircut too!

At the end of the busy week, it was youth as usual and hubby and I spent a relaxed evening home. How was your week?

Weekly Wrap-Up

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday's Multitudes

freshly picked roses filling my lounge with their beautiful scent
fresh perspective
much needed sleep
time with my sweet nephew
friends dropping in for an evening swim
hubby's encouragement
an evening with our son
angels in our home town who helped me get a very ill woman to hospital
a new friend
Sunday afternoon full house at tea time
doughnuts brought by my dear friend
His provision in ways most unimaginable
good school days
connect group time
morning walks
a friend putting petrol into my car
my dear neighbor taking my boy to the beach while I was working
mom and daughter time
toes in the ocean and ice creams with my girl
insight and candid conversations with my sweet youngest
messages from a sweet friend
hubby making dinner at the end of a busy week
a pj day
spoilt with fudge and flowers, a lovely gift much appreciated from an appreciative neighbor
hubby's 3 course Valentine's dinner
Sunday service
picnic for two won by hubby
relaxing in the botanical gardens with him
our son here for dinner
creative work
cool evenings after scorching days
ice bites when temperatures soar
my kind neighbor lifting my girl to lessons when we locked the keys in the house
ice cream pancakes shared with loved ones
our son visiting again
a new opportunity
fantastic fun day out with friends
a visit to my Dad, always relaxing
peaceful Sunday evening with our son
His peace


The Art of the Brick

On Saturday a friend took Zak and I to the Art of the Brick Lego exhibition. 

What a treat to see the amazing work of the very talented New York artist, Nathan Sawaya. 

My Sawaya gave up a career in law and plays with Lego full time. 

What he creates is nothing short of marvelous! 

Life size pieces that took days to build. 

Not a wonder this has been voted as one of the world's top ten must see exhibitions by CNN. 

"Fortunately, there are no rules in art !"
 Nathan Sawaya

" Create what you see.
   Create what you feel.
   Create what you have never seen.
   Just create"
 Nathan Sawaya

"I first learned adjectives through School House Rock.
  I learned how to count to ten through Sesame Street.
  I learned about gravity through my Slinky. Imagine if a child 
  learns about art history through Lego! "
Nathan Sawaya

"Art makes better humans, art is necessary in understanding the world and art makes people happy. Undeniably art is not optional." 
Nathan Sawaya

Over 30 000 pieces!


"Beware the winds of life that nibble away at your sense of self. Stay Strong."

One of my favorite pieces.

6m long and 80 000 Lego bricks!

Due to popular demand, the exhibition dates in Cape Town have been extended for another month until 22 March. If you haven't been yet, it is well worth a visit. Lego enthusiasts and art lovers will find this a real treat!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up : The One With Valentine's

The weeks are flying by it seems.
 Last weekend seems far away after the full week we have had. 
Hubby treated us to a decadent Valentine's dinner which was superb. He spent hours in the kitchen in secret and the meal did not disappoint. It was wonderful to share this special meal with our younger two who were home for the evening, making sure they would not be missing out on one of Hubby's special meals. We enjoyed a calamari starter, salad and juicy rump steak followed by a delicious chocolate cheesecake decorated with white and dark chocolate and pecan nuts. 

We appreciate his labor of love.

On Sunday hubby and I had the pleasure of enjoying the botanical gardens and a lovely picnic for two.

 He had won the tickets and the picnic some time ago and it was great to have a date with him. 
The gardens were so peaceful and the weather was perfect. 

We relaxed near the stream and later took a walk along unknown paths instead of the usual paths. 
We spotted some guinea fowl enjoying a dust bath as well as an owl sitting in a tree. 

He seemed most unperturbed by all the passers by who stopped to photograph him. 

Monday the kids hit their books and both had a good work week. 
Tuesday kept me busy with mosaic work. 

I loved spending the day working under the guidance of my mosaic artist friend.
 At the end of the busy day we enjoyed ice cream pancakes for dinner as it was pancake day. 

Keren spent hours working on her art practical which is coming along beautifully.
 Zak was a good sport and modeled for her.

 It was lovely to see them chatting away while he posed and she drew.
 The week came to an end with the usual Friday evening youth group for the younger two while hubby and I enjoyed a quiet evening home with our eldest. 

Weekly Wrap-Up

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: 2 in one with loads of life!

They say life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. 
The last two weeks have been full of unexpected events! It's been interesting so say the least.

Keren has forged ahead with her studies, applying herself diligently daily. She has begun an art practical that will take a few weeks and it has been wonderful to watch this project emerge from a concept to something concrete. The topic is "journey" and she had the privilege of listening to the life story of a Swiss born German lady who stayed in our home over last weekend. 

This visit was unexpected as I had met her only a week so before. She was stranded in our city when her travelling companion became very ill and needed urgent hospitalization. As this had been rather traumatic, I could not just dump her in a hotel and invited her to spend her remaining days in Cape Town in our home. It was a blessing to have this gentle and beautiful soul share our home for a couple of days. 
Her travelling companion and friend remains in hospital and will travel home in the coming week. She is faring well and I have been amazed at the wonderful medical care she has been given in one of our State Hospitals. I have been to visit her a few times and am relieved that she is safe and getting the right medical treatment. 

Zak has enjoyed his technology class where he is learning more advanced wood working techniques. Sadly after one session, the coach has cancelled basketball for the term due to lack of interest. 
Most days Zak is done with his workload by lunch time and this has left him free to visit with friends in the afternoon. As February is usually our hottest month, the pool has been enjoyed regularly with friends and family.

I have enjoyed sitting alongside Zak while he works and working on a few mosaic projects for my friend's business. 

She and I also spent a day working on a large mosaic project at a mosaic factory outlet. Oh...the tiles and the colors and the ideas....I could go a little crazy in there if let loose with a purse full of money!

Despite the busyness, there was time made for morning walks with Walk for Life,

taking in the sights of our city from Rhodes Memorial with my new found German friends,

  hair modelling with Carlton and a funky new cut to got along with the blue hair do, 

a leisurely stroll along the cat walk, dipping toes in the ocean,  mom and daughter time and ice creams shared with my girl,

Sunday afternoon tea with all my kids home and decadent doughnuts brought by a friend,

 ....and last but not least visitors of the cute and mischievous kind.

(Who by the way slipped while playing around the pool and needed 4 stitches under his little chin last week but was an absolute angel when his "Aunnie Endy" the nurse, took them out for him this week!)

Weekly Wrap-Up

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday's Multitudes

This week has been good.
 His blessings abound....

chores done with cheer
our gas cooker for when the power is out
catching up with my mum
exercise, so good for the mind and body
smoothies and conversations shared with a friend
summer fruits
beautiful views of the sea
ice creams on a hot summer day
evening swims with friends
time with our son
hubby's homemade pizza
a day's paid work

a beautiful day exploring our beautiful coastline, shared with two beautiful women
the magnificent mountains in our home town
toes in the warm sand and cool Atlantic ocean
lazy Sunday
friends enjoying a braai with us
Lindt chocolate crunchies
mosaic work for me to do
a good nap
vigorous exercise