Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 Link -Up: March 2014

March brought a noticeable change in the weather and our first good rains. 
We hurried to complete the term's work and are now enjoying the short school holiday. 

Our granadilla harvest has been good and delicious deserts as well as cordial were made. Our neighbor made some granadilla sorbet which we enjoyed on pancake day.  
Hubby made homemade pizza which he hasn't made in a while. 
The cooler weather has meant nourishing soups are back on the menu. 

Omelettes are always welcome meals any time of the day, and so cost effective. We have made delicious variants with home grown herbs and marinated peppers.

 Besides marinated peppers and granadilla cordial, I have made basil pesto and a batch of sweet chili jam. 
I have also discovered a local shop selling dry goods at much reduced prices. I have popped in there a few times and always manage to pick up good bargains on tinned and dry goods. 

Decluttering is an ongoing process and it's good to donate or recycle goods that are no longer used or needed. 

We observed earth hour.

My red sunflowers have blossomed! 
I love the rich color!

This month I planted heirloom beetroot seeds, gemsquash seedlings, black basil and aubergine seedlings. 
Our harvest has consisted of chilies , peppadews, baby cabbages, carrots granadillas, tomatoes, herbs, peppers and red onions.

My goodness, I began a new scarf for my daughter using circular needles. I found them very difficult to use and pulled it out, only to begin about three more times before I manged to get the pattern right on two needles.It is nowhere near finished but is looking good. 
My neighbor commissioned me to make mosaic numbers for her house. It is also an on going project. 

 Most of the reading has been school related this month.  
I have enjoyed the last of the magazine subscription my sister blessed me with. 
We learned much about Spain and California as we received two wonderful cultural exchange parcels. 

My daughter began teaching a group of younger girls and two adults to crochet. They met weekly for the month and are all making good progress. I still need to learn the art of crochet. 
My younger son and I took part in a 4 km walk in aid of the Chaeli Campaign.
I have enjoyed clocking up kilometers with my walking club. 
Hubby and I continue to enjoy our church connect group and the teen group meets here weekly too.

Hubby and I enjoyed a rare evening out at a local food market to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary.
I have taken part in three fun runs this month with my kiddos. 
Our neighbor hosted a pleasant neighborhood dinner as one of our neighbors is moving soon.
My dear sister surprised me with a visit for a week. We enjoyed wonderful family times with our dad, brother and aunt and uncle. Her visit was a blessing. 

Thanks Christine for the link up.

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  1. That red sunflower is stunning, where did the seed come from?

    1. Will save some seed for you Cath, they were from the Gravel Garden :)

  2. That is a stunning sunflower! I too have yet to master crochet....but I love knitting on circular needles and prefer them, you can't lose a needle!

    1. It is, such rich colour! Circular needles and crochet are on my list of things to master....maybe this winter!

  3. What a beautiful sunflower!!

  4. Oh knitting!! I'm determined to keep going and learn it so I can knit up lots of good things but it's a slow process! I can crochet a whole lot better but of course, crochet just doesn't have the same look as knitting, so I persevere!!
    And I third the comments about the gorgeous sunflower! Such a beautiful colour!

    1. Thanks Evi, enjoyed visiting you too!

  5. Sounds like you have had a very social month. That sunflower is beautiful, I've never seen a red one before.
    I learnt to crochet a few years back and whilst I enjoy it I will always prefer knitting. I love circulars - have you tried the magic loop method?
    Have a great april.

    1. The magic loop sounds interesting, will have to investigate it :)

  6. #4 gushing over your sunflower! I am hoping to have a few of the yellow variety this summer and didn't even know they cam in that color! Knitting makes me break out in hives but crochet does not - go figure - think it may be all in my head? Thanks for the lovely share.

  7. Yes Kathy, it's so rich in colour. I discovered them about two or three years ago and have tried to get my hands on seed since then so I was really happy to get them recently.


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