Monday, December 19, 2011

Home School Matric Dance

Last week was the Home School Matric Dance and though our son is not in his Matric year, all IGCSE students were invited to attend the dance as there is no guarantee that it will be held annually.
At first he was reluctant to go but his sweet girlfriend convinced him it would be fun!

It is much lighter on the pocket when sons attend such events....
no fancy dresses to made, bought or hired....
no make up, hair and nails to be done...
no new shoes or pretty jewellery!
perhaps a new tie to match the girls dress,
and some flowers for the lucky girl!

It made me realise how big our kids are getting!
 It brought back memories of what feels like yesterday, when our son was just a newborn babe in the hospital and a sweet young friend visited us.
We didn't even know she was expecting her gorgeous daughter ( in the blue dress above)
In a flash they have grown into fine young adults.
They all looked beautiful !
Loads of photos were taken before they headed off for the dance...

A proud dad poses with his precious daughter.

The venue was a nearby church hall...
tables decorated beautifully...
red roses for the girls...
 glasses engraved with their names and the year...
delicious dinner....

Our son was reluctant to learn how to dance when he was younger and I jokingly threatened him that it would become part of his "curriculum" when he turned 13 and then forgot about my idle threat.
When he was about 14, he decided of his own accord, that he would like to learn to dance. We were more than happy with that decision as we feel it is a good life skill to have.
(something I still wish I knew how to do better!)
I love that he enjoys dancing and is able to lead a partner round a dance floor without two left feet!

They had a great evening, dancing the night away!


  1. What a proud moment my friend! They look great! Hope they had a fun time ;o)

  2. So lovely. This is one area where I hope peer pressure influences my son to copy his friends.

  3. Lighter on your pocket cause I had to pay for everything...

  4. Beautiful... WoW suddenly I realise I have only 4 more years until my eldest is there... Can't we just stop the clock to enjoy them a little longer?

  5. lovely, I am sure they are going to remember this for a long time...


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