Wednesday, July 15, 2009

With a million thoughts running through my head as we prepare for our long awaited holiday, I had to remind myself not to be "inwardly rushed " today. With our holiday just on the horizon, the list of things to do and get done before we go seems endless. As one task is completed, another seems to rear itself up in its place! I will relax once we are on board that early morning flight to see my precious mum and sisters.

This morning Z and I had some special time together in the kitchen as he conquered his last language lesson and assessment, and I prepared some freezer meals for hubby who will be staying behind. (I do wish he was coming too!)He a achieved a whopping 99% overall for this course. He was eager to start the new book but I managed to persuade him to wait until we get back from our holiday.

Z has recently read about the lives of famous people like George Washington Carver, Abe Lincoln, George Washington and Anne Sullivan. We discussed his future dreams and aspirations. It touched my heart to hear him say that he would like to become a scientist so he can do something about the problem of global warming or find cures for disease. He said he would need to concentrate on maths too as "maths and science are closely related". It amazed me that this little chap of mine could be thinking and talking so seriously about his future. I trust that God will prepare the way for him to live out his hopes and dreams and he will love what he does!

My "little scientist" hard at work!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rain and more rain

Today we headed off to Shirley's for our moms support meeting. On the way there, we enjoyed the drive and especially the water falls cascading down the mountain. We have had heavy winter rains for the past two days and the temperatures have plummeted.
There was so much foam at this waterfall that it was spilling over onto the road.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Are you inwardly rushed?

Wow....after rushing around this morning to prepare for the family coming to celebrate J's birthday today, this was just what I needed to read! Isn't it amazing that God can speak to us even through our computers! This was in my inbox just when I needed it and I felt it fitting to share it with you all. May it bless you too! I am off to shower now before the family arrives.

Do you ever have so much to do that you feel completely overwhelmed? Do you feel too tired, too weak, too irritated, too disorganized, too ___________(fill in the blank) to possibly get everything done that you should?

Beloved, I sometimes feel like that too.

But in my recent reading I read an incredible quote from one of my favorite authors, Amy Carmichael.

"..she learned that duties do not clash any more than do the stars. If we become inwardly rushed we shall feel as if they were all [the children in her care] demanding attention at once. But if we are inwardly quiet we shall see the purposed sequence and take them one by one. An angel is never sent on more than one errand at a time."

So if duties do not clash, we must learn to listen and watch for the ONE voice that can take all the disorder and chaos and give us purposed sequence. This reminds me of another author I love, Elizabeth Elliot from whom I learned the phrase: "Just do the next thing."

But these two ladies had something more than just an idea or a formula. The key to being able to be successful in perceiving and doing "the next thing" is a close relationship with the Lord.

There are times in my walk with the Lord when I feel extremely close to Him. He is at my side, at my shoulder, whispering in my ear, guiding my footsteps. And there are those times when I am so busy in my own agenda, I forget he is there. The difference for me between those times seems to be quite commiserate with whether or not I am sincerely praying and reading or studying his Word. It also has to do with what I use to fill my head all day. The music I choose to play in the car, the books I read at bedtime, the websites I read, the devotional I keep tucked in my bathroom or in my purse can all help fill me with the good things that will lead me ever-closer to my Lord.

Alternatively, if I fill my head with spiritual junk food, the noise and clamor of the world will seep in once again. My tasks will be overwhelming because I have no one clearly directing my path.

So, today, I am reminded once again that if I am inwardly quiet I shall see the proposed sequence and take my day one thing at a time.

"My vocation is no game." - The Golden Road, Raymond De Perrot

Happy Homemaking!
Malia Russell

Saturday, July 11, 2009

for today....

FOR TODAY Saturday 10th July

Outside my window...The rain has been falling on and off today bringing much cooler temperatures after the glorious days we have been experiencing.

I am thinking... It has been good to see see two of my Aunts (this past week )that I haven't seen in a while.

I am thankful for...the weekend after 2 weeks of being very busy with a client.

From the learning rooms... J has done two module tests and a quarterly test for science this week,achieving an average of 90%; K has completed her language goals and her maths math syllabus , attaining an average of 94,4 %! Z has achieved his math goals and has very little language to do before out holiday.....roll on holidays!

From the kitchen...a perfectly braaied steak and Asian cabbage salad from the kitchen of my cousin and his his wife. Will definitely be making that one soon!

I am pyjamas and my soft fluffy white gown.

I am creating....a list of what to take on holiday!

I am wrap Js birthday presents tonight as we are celebrating his birthday early with family tomorrow.

I am reading... a new magazine called Shared Earth that a friend has written an article for.

I am hoping...for a better nights sleep tonight as I fell asleep on the couch last night and then couldn't sleep well after that.

I am hearing...the laughter of my children as their dad is playing with them.

Around the house...there are things to be done before the family arrive tomorrow.

One of my favorite things...the feeling of having had a good work out. Even though muscles may ache, its still good!

A few plans for the rest of the week: A moms support meeting on Monday; a hike to a nearby waterfall after the rains; dinner with friends; an evening of creativity making a mosaic mirror as a gift for my daughters birthday and then off to KZN on the first flight on Friday...its going to be busy!
Here is picture thought I am sharing.....

My they have grown!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This afternoon we took advantage of the windless and warm day. I felt as if I was being pulled outside to enjoy the magnificence of the day. The children were somewhat reluctant but it did us all the world of good to get out and be free in nature. We headed off to a nearby dam, Silvermine.

The children had their fishing nets with them and were rather disappointed that the fish all seemed to be in hibernation. There was not one bite! Usually they catch so many!

Where there is water, children will get wet, even if there are no towels or spare clothes!

On the way up to the dam, I could not help but notice the splashes of colour on the mountainside. Here are a few of the flowers we saw and enjoyed today.

The Ericas are so dainty and pretty. We saw a sun bird too.

It always does me good to get out there. The children ran and played for a good few hours and fun was had by all! We will be visiting the dam more often and hopefully the fish will be biting next time!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Touring our home town

The last couple of days have been sunny and warm , a welcome change from the cold. We have made the most of them by visiting various attractions and enjoying the natural beauty of our home town.

We visited Kirstenbosh and enjoyed a walk to Birds Bath , soaked up the sunshine and fragrances of the indigenous vegetation and enjoyed the beauty of the aloes in bloom.

K enjoyed finding Dylan Lewis sculptures in the gardens as we had recently seen them in Stellenbosh.

Today we visited Boulders Beach and enjoyed the antics of the penguins.

We went on to Cape Point. The views across False Bay were incredible. No matter how often I go there, I enjoy it every time. There is just something good about getting out of the suburbs.

This cheeky teen baboon was hanging around the restaurant looking for a meal. He drank a bottle of chili sauce that he stole off a nearby table!
We sat inside and enjoyed hake, calamari and chips. A pleasant day all in all.