Monday, March 3, 2014

Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 Link-Up: February 2014

February saw us getting back into the rhythm of school and working. The weather has been gorgeous and the mornings are noticeably getting lighter later and somewhat cooler. 


With the warmer weather we haven't felt like eating hot meals. We have enjoyed braais over the weekends and simple veggie bakes with salads. At breakfast or lunch smoothies have been enjoyed. I freeze whatever fruit we have and blend it with a little water and some added mint, lemon juice or granadilla pulp. 

My daughter has done a fair amount of baking for different events. Her new favorite is the mini cupcake. 


My neighbor had a bumper tomato crop and far too many for him to eat. He gave them to me and I made a batch of Italian tomato sauce and shared it among the neighbors. We  used ours in a delicious lasagna that fed us for a few meals.

I made a batch of peppadew chutney with my small harvest. It was eaten on sarmies and with braai meat and disappeared in no time! 

Our granadilla vine drops fruit daily and we made a batch of cordial, substituting lemon balm tea instead of water in the recipe
A deliciously refreshing drink!


The usual recycling of paper and glass and composting of kitchen scraps has taken place. I am still using recycled packaging for my orders too.


 Nothing new..


I planted a lettuce six pack that I picked up for a steal of just R7.00 at a local nursery. My heirloom spinach and beetroot seeds have also been sown. Granadillas, tomatoes, chilies, peppadews and herbs have been harvested. 

Peppers and my first aubergine are growing beautifully.

 The lemon tree has a few little green lemons. 


 A friend of the kids wanted a slouch beanie so I finished another one this month. My sweet friend joined me for a morning of mosaic. I love getting together with her and chatting as we work on our projects. I am making hearts for my sister. 
My daughter ran her first craft class for the year and she taught the girls to make jewelry boxes from recycled coke bottles. The outside was decoupaged with colorful paper serviettes. The girls also made charm bracelets. 


By the time school is over for the day, I am done with having my nose in a book...
I do however enjoy reading snippets from magazines when waiting for my youngest to finish basketball.
 At night I try to read a little before bed but always seem to doze off.... 


Our youngest spent a morning volunteering his time to make HOPE bracelets for the Chaeli Campaign and also attended his regular monthly meeting.
My daughter and I joined Curves ladies gym for a month's free trial. We are really enjoying the fact that it's ladies only. 
Hubby and I joined a connect group through church and we have enjoyed the weekly get together.


The kids and I thoroughly enjoyed the Da Vinci exhibition and a morning at the waterfront. 
We have enjoyed beautiful windless evening walks on our beaches, a picnic in the park and Shakespeare under the stars, a Valentines dinner, a sweet friend's 18th birthday and picnic supper in our garden. 

Thanks Christine for the link up.

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  1. Hi Wendy, you have a lovely blog. Sounds like you have had a busy February with lots going on both in the kitchen and out in the garden! Seems like a wonderful place to live with both mountains and the sea so close by, very lucky :) Have a great March and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    1. Thanks Sharon, wishing you a wonderful March too :)

  2. What a beautiful month. I am looking forward to my hearts. xx Please send me the recipe for peppadew chutney. I am so green about your Da Vinci outing.

    1. Thanks Cath, it was a lovely outing! Will find the recipe and mail it to you, it's yummy!

  3. Ooh, Wendy, your granadilla cordial with lemon balm tea sounds divine! I would love to grow granadillas/passionfruit here but fear it is just too cold over winter. We have our last attempt in a pot in our sunny courtyard - fingers crossed it hangs on over winter! Great to catch up on your month :)

    1. Yes, absolutely delicious! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. How wonderful to be given tomatoes! I grew hardly any this year so haven't done any preserving with them. Your daughter's jewellery boxes sound interesting!

    1. Yes, a blessing indeed! Thanks for stopping by Linda :)

  5. It is really interesting to read about the different produce that you can grow in each part of the world, so different from what I can grow here at home!

    1. Popping over to your blog to see what you're growing:)


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