Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday's Multitudes

Yes, despite circumstances, good or bad, it is good to give thanks....

time spent with my precious sister
cousins having fun together
good medical care
celebrating our son's birthdays, just three weeks apart from one another
family tea time at my dad
a visit with my sister to my aunt and uncle
a getaway with my girl, a wonderful treat
celebrating a dear friend's birthday at a wonderful out of town venue for the weekend
soul food views like this....

laughter , good food and making new friends
visits from old friends who live in  another city
calls from old friends
hospitality shown 
safe travels for hubby when he was working out of town
my son unharmed when he was robbed at knife point
powerful prayers
friends and family helping with lifts for the kids
a new work opportunity for me
more wool gifted by friends
outstanding results for my girl
house full of happy and vibrant young people
connecting with a friend I have not seen in a while
another dear friend being a good listening ear
God using my girl to deliver a wonderful message
family all together in church
a jar of coffee gifted when I had none
a morning of fun with friends
family group chats that keep us connected
a good solid walk along the seaside
peaceful rest
home cooked meals
a fire keeping the winter chill at bay
winning another prize
seeing His hand in circumstances

2781- 2814

Friday, August 7, 2015

Five Minute Friday : Here

Here...yes I am still here. Been a while since I have posted. It's good to be back here I must say. So much has been happening . Last week of holidays, visits from far away precious family, sick kids....yes, even when they are big it takes its toll! Getting back into the rhythm of the third school term and planning all that needs to be done before prelim exams for my girl. Hubby travelling for work, weekend away celebrating a friends 40th birthday and all the day to day.
I am hoping to get back to posting more regularly again but perhaps the "being here" prevents me from being present where I need to be present. Just a thought....but still good to be here.