Monday, December 30, 2013

Giving thanks

The year is almost over. 
I am thankful for His provision, protection and daily blessings.....

1899) an evening out with my dear friend and later our boys joining us
1900) a morning spent with my precious, adorable two and a half year old nephew
1901) a gift preparing: preparing for a wonderful trip with my daughter...going to see my sis and my mum
1902) gift happy: happy evening spent with hubby, just the two of us enjoying our favorite pizza place
1903) so grateful for my daughters excellent marks for her year end art practicals
1904) gift in community: thanksgiving picnic with our neighborhood family, relaxing and fun
1905) gift in community: thankful that our neighborhood family always look out for one another
1906) safe travels for my daughter and me
1907) thankful for a wonderful holiday with my sister and my Mum
1908) thankful to have spent my birthday with my Mum
1909) thankful for safe travels home again
1910) thankful to have spent Christmas eve and Christmas day with precious family
1911) blessed by the year end church service
1912) thankful to spend time with dear friends over the holidays
1913) thankful for our hope in Him
1914) thankful for my youngest's safe return from a five day camping trip

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Slow Living Month 11 and 12

Time to wrap up 2013...
November and December have been wonderful months with loads of activity.
 We wrapped up the school year at the end of November and my eldest finished his final exams early in November and begun working as a junior software support technician. He is loving his job and we miss having him around the house.  
My daughter and I had a fantastic holiday visiting my sister and my mum in Kwa Zulu Natal. My daughter is still away, now visiting with her cousins on the farm in the Free State. 

 Summer is here and braais and simple salads are best in the heat. 
I bought some wonderful curry mixes while on holiday and we have enjoyed a delicious chicken curry with apricots. I look forward to trying out the others too! 
While on holiday, it was a real treat not to take care of daily meals and I was blessed to enjoy my mum and sisters cooking. We were also treated to a fair amount of eating out. 

In holiday mode, there was not much achieved here, except a batch of tasty tomato and chili jam laced with loads of ginger and garlic....

made with my own abundant tomato harvest!

My daughter raided my cupboards and decided what needed to go. We gave away most of the clothes she thought I should no longer wear. She also went through her cupboards and passed things on. We have been blessed with so many clothes by a dear friend and it was a pleasure to pass some of ours on.

Nothing new here.

I planted green and yellow peppers, leeks, beans and gem squash. 
Kale, cabbages, tomatoes, chilies and granadillas are all doing well. I have harvested strawberries, gooseberries, onions and leeks.
Its been fun to pull up carrots when they are needed in a meal. 

My lemon tree has a few lemons on it and so far I have picked the first two.


 I have had great fun creating all sorts. 

Most of the items made were used as gifts for Christmas.

 The above was sent to Germany as part of an International Handmade Gift Exchange.
 I made my first ever Christmas wreath using a fynbos wreath, ribbons and cones. I loved the way it turned out. 

I finally finished off a pair of thick warm bed-socks for a friend. I felt rather guilty that they took so long as she will have to wait a number  of months to wear them. I knitted up a number of snoods and beanies as gifts too. 

My daughter made these magnetic decoupaged fridge notepads as gifts.

I caught up on magazine reading while on holiday, just little snippets enjoyed at a time. 

We took part in an International Children's book exchange and received two parcels, one from China and one from USA. We sent sent out gently used books with a South African flavor to our exchange partners.
My youngest son and I took part in an alien vegetation hack in a local fynbos area.

We certainly embraced enjoying this season with precious family and friends!
We enjoyed our Church family fun day, numerous Christmas parties, Christmas Carols and more. 

My daughter and I enjoyed the beauty of country life in the Underberg area with my sister and her husband. 

We all traveled south to enjoy time with my Mum down on the coast. We dipped our toes in the warm Indian Ocean, caught up with one another , rested well and ate far too well! 

We were treated to a fantastic day at the Wild Coast Sun where we spent the day at the Wild Waves water park. Adrenaline  pumped as we had enormous fun riding the thrilling rides! 

I celebrated my birthday in style with my Mum at the balmy south coast and the following day I flew home to my guys. 
It was a fantastic holiday! 

Christmas eve was celebrated with extended family at my Dad and on Christmas day we enjoyed celebrating with hubby's parents. 
A wonderful time of year ...

Thank You Christine for hosting Slow Living in 2013.

Slow Living 2013 - Month by Month