Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back to blogging

Yes, I have not posted in a while. A little too much has been going on for me and so I needed some time out for a while.
I have said "so long" to my sister as she and her family headed back to their farm home; a dear friend and her family have left to live in the UK ; school has started up for the year; my eldest had his impacted wisdom teeth removed and my dear hubby has not been employed yet. And in between there have been daily chores, keeping house and garden and living life... A lot going on!
Anyway I thought it made sense to go back to where I left off.

We had a wonderful last day together with my sister and her family 3 weeks ago. The kids and I joined them at the beach early that morning and the cousins had great fun swimming in the sea together, exploring rock pools and playing in the sand. The visit was completed by a trip to the Ice Cafe to try out new flavours of some of the best ice cream around!

That evening we all gathered at one of their favourite spots for a sundowner picnic on the opposite side of the peninsula.

Though the water was icy, we all ventured down and froze our toes in the icy Atlantic waters.

It was a special time of enjoying each others company, saying things we needed to say, and soaking up the last of the days sunshine while enjoying the magnificence of the sun setting over the sea. There was an ache in my heart as we finally ventured back home over the mountain, as it would be a while before we would meet again.

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