Sunday, September 30, 2012

Celebrating 15 years.

This weekend we have been celebrating our daughter's 15th birthday. It feels as if it was just the other day that she was a cute little girl in pig tails toddling around, playing with her dolls, tea sets and dressing up.
We are so blessed to have a daughter sandwiched between our two boys.

 It is wonderful, yet almost frightening to watch her grow into a young lady.... 
beautiful inside and out.

 On Friday afternoon we celebrated with a tea party for her special girl friends. It was an answer to prayer that the sun came out and they could enjoy being outdoors.  

She made some tea pot, tea cup and shoe shaped pastel coloured cookies, all beautifully and individually decorated by hand. Lilac flowers from the garden, pink and white marshmallows, home made fudge,  pastel coloured sweets and pretty glittery cupcakes decorated with pink flowers adorned the table. Our neighbour blessed her with a delicious "tea cup" cake to go along with her tea party theme. Everything was so pretty and feminine and the girls enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together. 

In the evening the house was filled with teens to celebrate her birthday and the end of term. Saturday was her actual birthday and the day started with gifts and calls from family and friends, and later a visit to her grandparents . The neighbourhood joined us in the evening for birthday cake and later more family and friends enjoyed a pizza evening here.

 All in all lots of celebrating!

Celebrating our precious daughter....
 His masterpiece and gift to us....


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Keren :o)What a BEAUTIFUL young lady you are becoming! Lots of love from all of us...

    1. Thanks Shirls, will pass the wishes on to her, love to you all!

  2. Made me cry, this post did. Oh how I wish we could be closer so our girls could enjoy their cousin/sister relationship even more, and so could we.

    Loved your words at the end. xxx

    1. Thanks Cath, missed you both sorely over this weekend, love you lots

  3. Happy Birthday, may this be a creative blessed year!Lovely photo's...


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