Sunday, June 1, 2014

Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 Link -Up: May 2014

May was a time of knuckling down and getting back into the rhythm of regular school weeks. Weekends were always looked forward to.

 As autumn faded, the weather was beautiful on some days, and others let us know that winter is certainly on its way. First fires were enjoyed and winter woollies kept us warm.

 Nourishing, warm comfort food graced the table this month. Seafood paella made by hubby was enjoyed, goulash soup with lashings of sour cream, curried butternut soup, and a creamy cheesy broccoli and cauliflower soup....a definite winner!
The weather was warm enough for one or two braais and I made a delicious curried sweet potato side dish. A great low GI alternative to the usual potato salad.
My daughter made yeast bread and doughnuts for her consumer study practicals. Both were delicious and we look forward to more of her practicals.

With 6 varieties of chili growing my garden, I made a fiery hot sweet chili sauce using 500g of chilies. Tomatoes from the freezer were used for a chili and tomato jam and basil pesto with a hint of chili was made too. 

I made a batch of beetroot and apple chutney and the usual apple and oats bake was made for hubby's breakfast whenever the oven was on.

Some poles that were lying about were used to make a simple trellis for my new granadilla vine.  
My daughter, youngest son and I cleared out clothing from our cupboards to donate to shack fire victims. 
I reduced the number of contacts on my email contact list and cleared out the inbox. So good to de-clutter even the seemingly small things.

Just the usual home made compost and worm tea.

 I enjoyed visiting a local nursery as they had a sale. I bought some lavender for my front beds, bright yellow daisies, violas, gaura , marigolds, lettuce and some basil mint. 
The harvest has consisted mainly of baby tomatoes, chilies, granadillas, lemons, herbs and a few green peppers. My poor peas got eaten but I am hoping to sow more. Freesia bulbs went into the ground and dahlias were lifted. 

I finished off my mosaic projects.

 Knitting projects kept me busy...a slouch beanie for my niece, a red snood for my daughter and a scarf for my brother in law (modeled by my youngest).

A friend was delighted to receive this pretty blue snood as a birthday gift.

I have been reading a book by Dr Caroline Leaf. The book deals with one's thought life and how to detox the brain from toxic thought processes by changing your thinking. Scripture backs up neuroscience and it is an informative read with real tactics to detox the brain and thought life. 

My little nephew has been spending Monday afternoons with us while his mum is at work. We treasure our time with this cute fellow. 
I have not been too diligent with my walking group as the weather is sometimes not in my favor but I managed a few sessions.
We enjoyed an International Food Fair in support of missionaries that our church helps to fund as they work with other nations.

I enjoyed a wonderful over night getaway with my niece and my daughter. They spoiled me with a delicious dinner and girly time was great fun!
A girl friend and I enjoyed a night out at the movies and my daughter and I spent a great morning out at our church's woman's event. There was a guest speaker, tasty treats and a morning of creativity at the Clay Cafe. We look forward to receiving our items once they have been fired.
We have a new neighbor and there was a neighborhood meet and greet pizza evening.
Hubby and I have had a good time catching up with old friends over dinner. 

Wonderful to reflect on the month, thanks Christine.
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  1. Yay! Love the mosaic hearts...

  2. Your knitting is amazing. And the mosaics are beautiful.

  3. Your mosaic work is lovely - and that first picture is stunning.
    Decluttering the inbox and email contacts sound like a very good idea, I have taken note.
    Sounds like you've have a very sociable May with lots of great sounding food.

  4. The red snood looks lovely and yes, the mosaic is amaz ng!

    1. Thanks Linda. I love the red on my daughter, it looks really good :)

  5. I am envious of the mosaic projects, did you take a class? Love that first photo, and your knitting, I crochet but that blue snood looks do-able! :) Have a great June!

    1. Thanks Kathy, I once took a class years ago and have continued doing my own thing with mosaics. Have a great month too!


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