Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday's Multitudes

connect group fun making up Christmas boxes for underprivileged kids
friends treating us to lunch on hubby's birthday
family dinner to celebrate his birthday
sun warming my back
spring showers for my garden
leftovers for dinner
ice cream and cookies with the kids
a sincere apology
playing scrabble with the kids
a new iron bought with vouchers
another prize, a lovely hamper of facial products
freshly mowed lawn
a much needed nap
good counsel
gift of a new pot from hubby, my 22 year old one broke
relaxed evening having dinner and listening to music with hubby
an excellent read
Sunday's service
a friend popping in to visit
hubby sharing his birthday treats



  1. You sound like me winning all those prizes! Share the excellent read? I''m reading The Book Thief right now.

    1. I am reading Created to be his help meet. Lots of practical advice :) Glad you are a winner too!


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