Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Pics

Hubby took a much deserved day off on Friday and we headed off to Quaggaskloof Dam for the weekend. The weather was not great but it was so good to get out of town. We have been trying to get there for year!

It was cold, windy and raining on Friday but the boys could not resist trying to get the quad bike going. They managed to push it up the hill but that was about all the riding they got in for the weekend.

We settled to an afternoon of playing games as it was too wet and cold to be outdoors.

The sun greeted us on Saturday and the wind had dropped.

The little boys happily scrubbed the boat clean in the hopes of some fun on the water that afternoon.

They had great fun swimming in the dam while T went to town to try and get the boat sorted out.

They finally got to enjoy a short ride on the dam but the engine was not doing too well so that was it for the weekend.
It was great to get away from it all and enjoy the mountains and open spaces.

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