Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Incredible Cake

It has a been a while since I got around to posting so there is lots to catch up on!
Our sweet teen had a birthday party with her friends a few days after her actual birthday. They hung out chatting ,eating, singing sing star and dancing on the dance mat. A lot of fun was had by all! Big brother J had moral support from K's ballroom dance partner and I think the guys didn't mind all the girls.

She had the most incredible cake... a cow cake lovingly made by Aunty T. Each cow on the cake was handmade and each one different. A real labour of love!

I forgot to get candles for the cake but thankfully I had these left over from J"s 13th .We couldn't stick them into the cake, so K held them and I cant remember why she laughed so hard when we sang to her.... but I just love this happy photo!

Of course one of the best things was that cousin P was here to share the fun!

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