Monday, November 1, 2010

A day filled with love

Wow, this post is so long overdue but life has been happening.

As parents we feel privileged to bestow blessings on our children and turning 13 is big milestone in our house. It is the time when our sweet children are becoming young adults and we can see their characters developing as they enter this new, challenging and exciting time on their journey through life. We feel it is important to affirm what we see in their lives and encourage them on their path as well as promise to stand by them no matter what they face.

We are proud of our young lady. We see her living up to many of the characteristics of a virtuous woman and we are blessed and privileged to have her as our daughter.We see that she works hard, willingly and diligently at home and at her many other activities. We appreciate and value what she does and who she is.

We see that she genuinely cares for others, young and older and has a compassionate heart, whether it is her family, a friend or a stranger. We have seen her speak with wisdom and kindness to others and we see that she is a trustworthy good friend to her friends. We see that she is a kind and caring sister to her brothers.

We see that she is God fearing and desires to do things right in the eyes of God and man and that she seeks to honor God in her decisions. Decisions that will forever bring blessing upon her life.

She wanted to have her special blessing in the forest and it truly was a day filled with love as her family affirmed her and celebrated her journey on the path to adulthood.

Her daddy had to do the talking as I cant seem to manage these important things without crying. He had to take over too when I tried to read the letter my dear mum had written to her for this special day.

Her Opa had some special words for her too.

My much missed sister, her aunt, was there to share in the day. She has always had a special place in my daughters heart. Her words of wisdom will be treasured by my daughter.

My dad had some special words too. K is privileged to spend precious time with him over weekends as he patiently teaches her to paint.

A friend on the farm where her cousin lives, wrote her a beautiful letter and then her cousin read her the song she had written for her, especially for this day. It was so touching. These sweet young girls have a special bond.

Cousins having fun.

Just love this photo of my dad enjoying the speeches.

My little guy relaxing.

Of course, no birthday celebration would be complete without some of Aunty T's amazing cupcakes!

‘May the Lord bless you and protect you

May the Lord make his face shine on you

And be gracious to you

May the Lord show you His favour

And give you His peace”

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