Monday, February 6, 2012

Wonderful weekend...

A few weeks back my cousin invited us on a weekend camp...
something we had said we should do together for a long time! 
A date was set and bookings made.

It truly was an eventful weekend and happy and somewhat crazy memories were made....

Having left the sweltering heat of the suburbs and heading south, we welcomed the cool ocean breeze 
the closer we got to our destination....
the harder and stronger the wind blew....
It blew so hard that after almost 2 hours of battling with our tent, we had to give it up and pack it away...
two of the poles were so badly damaged, it was rendered useless!
Our hopes of a relaxing weekend away seemed doomed 

thankfully my cousins tent was just big enough for all 8 of us to squeeze into for the night! 
Happy children and parents unwound round the camp fire as the evening braai was prepared.

Saturday morning brought clear skies and less wind...

a glorious beach day!

Beautiful views across the bay.
Sandcastles and rock climbing.

Hot enough for me 
(yes me who has not been more than knee deep in the ocean in a long time)
to venture in and do some boogy boarding with my delighted daughter!

Icy cold but ever so refreshing!

A lunch time picnic was enjoyed under the shade of a tree
in just the right spot...

until we got some not so welcome visitors who chased us seaward with our picnic,
 packed up in record time!

Once unwelcome guests moved on in search of richer pickings,
 shade and  views were enjoyed from our perfect spot once again!

Girls enjoyed a long walk and talk,
  cousin and I lay catching up in the shade 
guys had to burn off some energy with a game of cricket.

A beautiful heart shaped rock was found 
but accidently left behind.

Thankfully another tent was borrowed from our kind neighbour 
when hubby fetched our eldest later in the day.
So good to have our boy with us again...
 (work and training had kept him away)
A hearty South African braai was enjoyed by all as the sun went down..
 the evening spent playing 30 seconds.

Happy, sunkissed, tired kids fell into their tents for a good nights sleep
only to be greeted by another glorious day ....
windless, calm and hot!
Cooked breakfast was the order of the day...
I could not resist another swim in the ocean before packing up and heading home!

The children were somewhat anxious 
as there was a pesky unwelcome guest who insisted upon raiding the campers..
The day before he managed to open our cooler box and remove something
as well as break a caravan window!
On Sunday morning he saw fit to grab a handbag from an unsuspecting camper as well as anything else he could get his hands on!
So if you are not afraid of baboons...
Millers point is one of the most beautiful places to pitch a tent for the weekend!


  1. hi there,

    i have to ask, we also love camping and are always on the lookout for new camp-sites, where did you camp? It looks lovely!

    thanks so much,

  2. *sigh* looks lovely! We are FREEZING here!
    BTW - nominated you for some lovely awards, you can read about them on my blog.
    X Shirley

  3. Hi Sally it is Millers Point near Cape Point..lots of baboons but beautiful indeed!


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