Thursday, April 14, 2011

The work of our hands

Our hands are busy all the time. Our hands are a blessing to ourselves and to those around us. Our hands are used in so many ways: to work, to create, to love, to pray, to bless, to talk, to express, to nurture, to tickle or scratch, to blog :) and so much more.... I think of my dad's hands and how they save lives. Many would not be alive or have full and useful lives without his hands. I am thankful for my hands and all they allow me to accomplish.

Hubby's hands have been an enormous help to me in the vegetable garden turning soil, lifting heavy tires for our potato stack and just being willing and available. Without his hands much would not be done.

My hands have been busy staking tomatoes, weeding, feeding those plants that need feeding and harvesting broccoli, chillies, herbs and more!

I was thankful for a little pair of extra hands over the weekend to top and tail beans for some delicious curried beans I made!

Those little hands crafted a beautiful magazine rack at technology club this week. The work of those little hands gave much joy to a big sister who received this stunning gift.

The little hands have also been kept busy making a lapbook on Exodus 6 to 9 about the plagues God sent to Egypt in preparation for our study on Passover and a Passover meal next week.

While I read aloud, those little hands just cant be kept still, and need to be occupied with Lego or a maze or something else fiddly!

We are so blessed to hear the sounds of guitar coming from J's room as he strums away with hands and enjoys his guitars. His hands enable him to spend many hours daily working at his studies as he fills books with hand written notes on all that he is learning.

I love the work of K's hands and the creativity that seems to flow naturally from them. Her school work is always embellished with beautifully accurate drawings that she seems to have no trouble producing.

Her hands make sweet music as she practices her piano .

Her hands create pretty greeting cards as she listens to read alouds or they are busy with wool and crochet hooks, never ceasing to be producing something or other that is pleasing to the eye.

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  1. Wendy - this is simply beautiful. What a creative family you have. I really must join the tekioo club as the results are just awesome. Sigh - time and money!

  2. Thanks Taryn. Thanks for the great idea of the blog carnival...think it will be lots of fun!

  3. I've always wanted to learn how to preserve! Once we get our garden sorted, you'll be in trouble :-)


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