Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beach fun!

A spontaneous visit to the beach was just what we needed last Friday, being the last week day of school holidays. It was a glorious Autumn day, no wind , warm sun , low tide with vast stretches of beach to run and play on and friends!

I had a great time taking photos of the kiddies.

Some enjoyed having their photos taken more than others....

The girls just loved the "photo opportunity"......

These two have been firm friends since birth and it is amazing to watch them growing into beautiful young ladies.

My " almost as tall as me little guy" still enjoys being buried in the sand and getting covered in it!

I could not resist my sweet little God daughter's toes peeping out of the sand....

Thankfully there was as shower to wash off all that sand before going to join our friends at their home for lunch.....

A perfect ending to a weeks school holiday!


  1. Your kiddies aren't kiddies anymore. Love your pics. xxx

  2. yes, they are almost all bigger than me now! Love you Cath

  3. it was so much fun! thanks Mom, love you!!


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