Saturday, August 16, 2014

five minute friday: tell

Five Minute Friday - 4

For my daughter

I want to tell you so much.....
Tell you: you are loved and loving
Tell you: you are kind and generous
Tell you: you are smart
Tell you: you are important
Tell you: you matter
Tell you: you are strong
Tell you: you are needed
Tell you: you are more than enough
Tell you: you are beautiful inside and out
Tell you: your life has a purpose
Tell you: your dreams count
Tell you: your voice matters
Tell you: He made you, 
He loves you,
 He has plans to prosper and not to harm you

Tell you: there are those who will come in and punch the wind right out of your sails and make you feel like you just can't get the air into your lungs....don't let them, don't believe them!

Tell you: when you feel like you are sinking, that's when you reach out, there is always help

Tell you: stay gentle, don't let the troubles of this world make you hard

Tell you: there are those that will come into your life and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds, they will believe in you just like I do, 
they love you for just being you, just like I do. 
They are the once in a life time type of people, they are your tribe. 

Tell you: I will always be there for you, always and forever

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  1. That's just beautiful! I want to copy it and give it to my children. So lovely! Thanks for sharing.
    *an FMF neighbor stopping by from

    1. Thanks Debra, you welcome to share it with them.

  2. well... that was neat to read. Thank you for sharing "tell" in such an interesting way. :)

    I liked it! :)

    Annette @ A Net in Time (


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