Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday happenings

The holidays got off to a busy start with many weekend activities for all the family members...

All 3 kids went to different year end celebrations;
hubby and I went to the funeral of the father of a dear friend;
J had his usual session teaching karate on Saturday morning
then taught a private lesson to a student too;
the older two had their 2nd animation workshop;
J was employed as a waiter at a party on Saturday evening;
baby M slept over on Saturday night;
my neighbours provided an awesome meal of lamb and corned beef,
which we cooked
ate together here!

My favourite was the wonderful evening we enjoyed at Little Streams with family and friends last night...

A picnic dinner was enjoyed in beautiful tranquil surroundings..

Churches of the Constantia Valley united for Christmas carols...

atmosphere just perfect and peaceful!

Today we needed to just be at home.
Both boys were not feeling great.
Mountains of laundry needed to be done.

I found apricots at a really good price last week.
The kids helped me prepare some home-made apricot jam today.
It brought back fond memories of making jam and chutney on the farm with my sister two years back at Christmas time.

We used a microwave recipe I found on-line.
It turned out just the way I like it!
Sweet, fruity and tart!

We caught up on some garden chores...
clearing the tomato plants that have given us a bountiful harvest already,
relocating some strawberry plants that did not seem too happy where they were,
composting and planting some more seeds in seed trays.

I was in the mood for pasta and so we had a late lunch, come early dinner,
with all good intentions of getting to tae bo tonight...
alas that did not happen as K and I lay down for a long afternoon nap
(it that not what holidays are for?)
and when I woke, I had a bit of a headache.

Instead we spent the evening relaxing,
me reading aloud and the younger two making these...

delightful magazine Christmas trees!

I got the idea from another home school mama's blog
and you can see the tutorial here

We just need to add the stars to the top!

Thank you Mel for this fun craft!


  1. I LOVE your christmas trees, they look so cool :) miss you so much! but not long!!!! :)


  2. Sjoe, what a busy time! All the best for the season. May it also be restful.

  3. Miss you already. Reading this made me miss you more. xxx

  4. At least we get to see each other soon Cath!


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