Tuesday, December 13, 2011

paper & cardboard creations

A while back K was given this book by me and for the longest time, I have wanted to spend some time making cards with her, using the book as inspiration....

Rain pelted down today and we didn't have baby M for the morning, so it was the perfect time to get stuck into the book and get creative!

She works fast and is creative, using her imagination, whereas I am slow and really need to copy what I see!
She made about three cards to every one I made.

I love her "little old lady" with pink sparkly hair!

I had fun with the purple and greens in this flowery creation.

We used old books that were destined for the dump to make these cute kitty cards.
(K rescued them in the name of art from the lady who was going to throw them out!)

The colourful tiered cakes required lots of patience.

Pages of the old books were used to make all sorts...
the tiger is my creation and I think he is cute!
K loved making the "people cards"....
her ballerina is rather sweet!
I love the simplicity of the flowers too.

We got onto shoes...
I found them challenging and just made the red pair while K churned them out in various colours and designs!

We stopped after lunch and then just had to do a few more this evening.
I have not had the chance to photograph them all but we will certainly be enjoying many more hours of creativity using this wonderful book!

PS: I am able to order a copy of the book for anyone who would like to order, as it is one of the items in the range of toys/ books that I sell.


  1. wow these are such lovely designs you could almost imagine them in one of these vintage stores!

  2. Wow, what fun. Your cards are stunning.

  3. wow, really a creative and fun day you spent together, there is nothing like spending time with ones kids...(love your Christmas theme for your blog)

  4. What great cards! I really love the ones made from rescued books ;o)

  5. Sjoe that is so creative and stunning! What a wonderful talent you both have. It's an idea to make a bunch of these cards for the year for birthdays and other celebrations - posting the message on/in a unique gift to family and friends. Alas, I am not very good or creative.

  6. Thanks Elize....If it wasn't for the book I would have not been able to make them :)


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