Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

What  a week..... A week where our boy wrote his last two final papers, statistics and accounting. 
We celebrated the completion of  his home education journey with a surprise party for him and some friends and just two days later he was going to work. It happened so fast! He is now on contract as a Junior Software Support Technician. We are immensely excited at opportunities that lie before him!

We spent much time this week researching the courses and curricula available for Keren to continue with her high school education. She has decided that she would like to get her National Senior Certificate rather than GED and it seems we may just have found the right fit for her. 

These two just seem so grown up all of a sudden. They both went to register as voters this weekend and Josh has been putting in the hours behind the wheel as he needs to get his driver's license as soon as possible.

Keren has been working long and hard on her art as she writes her theory exam next week and has had two essays and a project due. At art they have been learning about African Power Figures and she had to create her own power figure as a self portrait.

It was wonderful to see her faith shine through in this project as she created a felt doll wearing the armour of God based on Ephesians 6: 10-17. It was entirely based on her faith and where she draws her strength, power, protection and healing from. Such a testimony to her life.

She spent time working on some bell ropes to earn a little pocket money too. The ones she worked on last week were off to London to swing from ships' bells as they travel the world. Not difficult work, but time consuming as she frayed each tassel. 

One of the highlights of the week was getting to do some gym with her and two friends. I love that feeling of knowing my body has worked even if it means I hobble around for a day or two.

Zak had two basketball practices and was picked for the team for the mid week match. Sadly the match was cancelled due to bad weather. Perhaps next week. 
The two of us visited the library and he took out four new drawing books. 

             The lounge, the kitchen and his room are littered with drawings as he enjoys this new found interest.

                                       Monday he had fun making a mallet at technology class. 

                                         It will be used in making next months tekioo project.

                 I enjoyed a few stolen hours making cards this week and a market at a local school yesterday. 
                                                 All in all a busy and exciting week all round. 


  1. I love your kids' art and handiwork. I've never met anyone who makes bell ropes for pocket money! I love the gym too - I'm looking forward to the days my kids can come with me instead of me having to squeeze it in when my husband's around to look after them. Lucinda

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lucinda. Such fun when they grow up, a different stage of the journey. Enjoy your little people, goes so fast!


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