Monday, November 18, 2013

Counting my blessings

I continue to count the blessings showered upon us.....

1854)Gifts overjoyed :  filled with joy at the thought of our first home school graduate, grateful for the years with him at home
1855) overjoyed at his getting employment just two days out of school
1856) gifts eaten: dinner cooked by our daughter, tasty and delicious
1857) hubby sharing his birthday chocolates with me
1858)gift worn: gently used hand me downs from a sweet friend
1859)gift good: wonderful and precious evening shared with my Godfather, laughter, great conversation and blessed with take out dinner 
1860) a kind friend sharing packs of potato spice with us
1861) hubby winning the wonderful prize of a picnic for two and entry to the botanical gardens
1862) pure delight on his face when my youngest won a body board
1563) seeing generosity shown by my sweet girl to her brothers 
1864) time and chatter with my eldest as we travel to his place of work
1865) conversations with my younger sister when I needed a "shoulder to cry on" 
1866) gift from the window: glimpses of the majestic mountains
1867)gift sipped: early morning cups of coffee delivered to my bedside table by hubby
1868)gifts harvested: tomatoes, carrots, leeks and peas freshly picked from the garden
1869)gifts found in Bible reading: blessed time of reading, chatting and praying with my youngest daily
1870) gift of remembrance: remembering prayers prayed and delighting in answer given
1871) precious times with my teens lounging on our bed, chatter and laughter
1872) time spent with girlfriends, so good for the soul
1873) coffee shared with my neighbor
1874) an invitation to look forward to
1875) a fun parcel arriving from China
1876) my girl's art exam that went well
1877) gifts of laughter: those special moments that just set us off...shared with my kids
1878) gift golden: my wedding rings reminding me of what hubby and I have
1879) gift silent: a day of silently resting and sleeping when I wanted to, just what I needed
1880) a gift made: dinner made with helping hands of my younger two
1881) a gift shared: hubby sharing orange chocolate truffles with us
1882) sweet scented sweet-peas from my garden, the fragrance filling my lounge
1883) beautiful praise CD gifted by a stranger

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