Thursday, November 28, 2013

Good Gifts

A busy time of year with many blessings...

1884) sweet friends delivering a delicious cake for us to enjoy
1885) gifts spring : red poppies, lemons on my tree and sweet strawberries
1886) grateful for my father in law helping out with lifts when needed for my eldest
1887) thankful for a delicious meal cooked by my eldest and hubby, a night off for me
1888) my dad popping by unexpectedly and bearing gifts
1889) thankful for brilliant results for my girl's art exam
1890) a morning off, enjoying a movie with my youngest boy
1891) fresh, crisp carrots harvested from the garden and enjoyed
1892) gift in Him: a sweet elderly lady praying with hubby and me in church this morning
1893) blessed to hear the Word and take part in breaking of bread
1894) a relaxed family braai enjoyed together
1895) dipping my feet into the neighbor's pool to cool down, so refreshing in this heat
1896) catching up with my little sis, always good
1897) abundant tomato harvest from a plant that sprung up out of nowhere
1898) an evening of fun enjoyed with my oldest two


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