Monday, December 30, 2013

Giving thanks

The year is almost over. 
I am thankful for His provision, protection and daily blessings.....

1899) an evening out with my dear friend and later our boys joining us
1900) a morning spent with my precious, adorable two and a half year old nephew
1901) a gift preparing: preparing for a wonderful trip with my daughter...going to see my sis and my mum
1902) gift happy: happy evening spent with hubby, just the two of us enjoying our favorite pizza place
1903) so grateful for my daughters excellent marks for her year end art practicals
1904) gift in community: thanksgiving picnic with our neighborhood family, relaxing and fun
1905) gift in community: thankful that our neighborhood family always look out for one another
1906) safe travels for my daughter and me
1907) thankful for a wonderful holiday with my sister and my Mum
1908) thankful to have spent my birthday with my Mum
1909) thankful for safe travels home again
1910) thankful to have spent Christmas eve and Christmas day with precious family
1911) blessed by the year end church service
1912) thankful to spend time with dear friends over the holidays
1913) thankful for our hope in Him
1914) thankful for my youngest's safe return from a five day camping trip

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