Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good and perfect gifts

Joy is multiplied as I give thanks for His good and perfect gifts...

1699) snail mail with a surprise from my mum
1700) a cosy wood fire tonight, blessed by the loads of wood from my brother
1701) wonderful evening connecting with dear friends
1702) thankful that hubby was there to catch me and care for me when I passed out after smashing my finger to smithereens in the car door
1703) thankful for technology, keeping me in touch with far away family
1704) hubby making dinner when I could not
1705) a gift ugly finger, bone smashed badly, but joint undamaged
1706) gift of family.... my dear mum who prays for us all daily
1707) gift of mom in law who selflessly lends her car to us when we need it
1708) gift of church family that we are getting to know and feel part of
1709) wonderful gift of a ticket to the women's "Good Life" conference at church, wonderful weekend hearing His word and shared with beautiful ladies 

1710) celebrating our youngest's 13th birthday with family and friends
1711) my kind neighbour baking the scones for our guests when I couldn't
1712) gifts written and read...beautiful blessings and words of encouragement from far away family members on our son's special day
1713) gift in church...our daughter's baptism, thankful that she has chosen to serve Him all the days of her life
1714) a fresh realisation of God's endless and undeserved grace lavished on me


  1. Love snail mail. So glad your finger is not more severely damaged.

    1. Snail mail is always good :) Yes, glad too that the finger is not worse!

  2. A wood fire, a 13th birthday - and the blessings of a smashed finger. God is good:) Wishing you more blessings and less hurt this week!

  3. Eeeeep! Smashed finger Wends?? Sorry to hear that. Glad that you have lots of loving support. Congrats on both boys birthdays AND on K's baptism! So wish we were there like you were for our girls. Sending hugs across the miles.

    1. Ah thanks Shirls, wish you were here too, such special moments! The finger is starting to feel a little better and so thankful for my family's helping hands :)


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