Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: Wrapping Up

It has been a few weeks since a weekly wrap up post. A busy few weeks with my daughter's hospitalization , recovery and a week long visit from my dear farm sister and her family with lots of fun socialization and enjoyment of being together.

There have been last lessons in art, basketball and technology classes. 
Last youth group for the year too.
Keren wrapped up her assignments and projects for the year so we could send in her portfolio of work. She is so blessed that she didn't need to write final exams for the year due to her illness and will be passed on the work she has done for the year. Thankfully her year marks have been good so there is no concern regarding her passing the year. She got her year end results from her art school and they are outstanding. I can hardly believe I will have a second home school graduate this time next year! Where did the years go!
Keren went back to the faraway farm with my sister and her family for a glorious and much deserved month long holiday. I am a little green....
Zak and I have wrapped up his course for the year and he has done well. We have spent last few days sleeping when we please, eating when we please and just relaxing after a particularly tough couple of months.

We enjoyed the annual lighting of the St Luke's Christmas Tree and carol service last Sunday. A tradition that we have kept for many years. It was wonderful to picnic and relax surrounded by family and friends and enjoy the spectacular sight of this tree of light and hope. The Caledonian pipe band played and the Welsh choir sang for us. A magical evening which just gets one into festive mode!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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  1. I hope your daughter is doing well! Thanks for sharing your week. :)


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