Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday's Multitudes

Being thankful for what God has done is one of the most important attitudes that we can have. It's not only important to God, but it's really important to us. It changes our lives when we're thankful. I believe that gratitude is powerful. I think it puts a smile on God's face, and it does nothing but good for you and everyone around you. Good things are in store when you understand the power of being thankful. (Joyce Meyer)

spur of the moment dinner with my sister and brother and their families
cousins delight at seeing one another again
hearty laughter with friends
red peppers in the garden
a morning walk
a debt forgiven
relaxed getaway to my Dad's beautiful home with my dear sister
perfect summer evening, kids swimming until late, family and old friends, good food
delicious dinner at the Eastern bazaar
puppies and kittens
fist beans and courgettes in the garden
seedlings, a gift from my neighbor
summer fruits and watermelon slush
boys playing wild and free, outside until dark
wrapping up school work for the year
a trip to the farm for my girl
Christmas carols and picnic with my precious ones
 giant tree lit with light and hope
safe travels for my girl and my sister and her family
prayers of faithful friends
getting a much needed appointment at the last minute
days with no particular agenda now that school is done
champagne and strawberries and celebrating a dear friend's birthday
scrabble with hubby
our dear son spending an evening with us
pizza evening with my brother and his sweet boy
unexpected visit from my cute nephew
father and son time
Christmas cheer
Sunday chats with far away family
carols floating on the wind from afar
my boy popping in for lunch
early birthday treat of a relaxing pedicure



  1. It sounds like you've had wonderful family time recently. The scrabble with hubby part is my favorite because I love games and playing them with my husband and son.

    1. We love the ongoing scrabble games, so much fun! Family time has been good!


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