Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday's Multitudes

Continuing to count His blessings.....

handfuls of freshly picked tomatoes
hugs from my youngest
my girl sleeping soundly beside me
her appetite returning little by little
friends and family picnicking on our lawn on a perfect summer evening
staying out there as the stars came out, chatting, laughing and connecting
shopping with vouchers again
unexpected visit from my boy at lunch time
blessed that my girl will pass year end based on the work she has done for the year despite missing final exams
thanksgiving evening of fun with my precious family
my sweet nephew relaxing on the couch
more lunch time visits from my boy
winning a dinner for two
soaking summer rains
take out treats for dinner
wise counsel
mosaic fun with a dear friend
picnic lunch with a friend
boys having their first summer swim, lots of laughter and splashing
starry, windless  and perfect summer evenings
early morning hour long conversation with my much missed mum
movies and ice cream with my precious ones
excitement at seeing my dear sister
His peace in my heart


  1. Wow. Your daughter must have really been sick. I'm so glad she's recovering and that her school isn't suffering because of missed exams.

    1. She was really ill but thankfully is on the mend. It is truly a blessing that she has done well for the year and has been given a condoned pass!


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