Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: A Cultural One

The weather has been getting a little cooler and long sleeves and cardigans have made their way out of the cupboards this week. I love the subtle changes as we head into autumn. 

School days have been full with loads of learning taking place. On Monday Keren had an outing to the National Gallery with her art class. The focus of the outing was the exhibition "Time and Again" by a South African artist, Penny Siopis. 

They had studied this artist and her works. Her works speak of personal and collective history, trauma, shame and loss. This exhibition is a retrospective look at three and a half decades of her work.

 Keren enjoyed the exhibition so much that we took the morning off on Friday and went with a friend to see the exhibition again. Keren was able to guide us around the exhibition and tell us what she had learned. This time the artist was there too and it was great to hear her speak of her works. 
I found some of her works very disturbing, especially the shame series. 

Term projects have taken priority for Keren this week. She had to create and come up with a business plan for a small entrepreneurial business for Consumer Studies. She made this cute, classic, crocheted sock monkey out of donated wool and recycled stuffing. 

Her brand name is ' Monkess". 
I love the handmade label which instructs the purchaser to snuggle the monkey lots!

We were blessed with tickets to the Paulo Nutini concert at Kirstenbosch this week. 

He was unknown to us but it was great to pack up a picnic to enjoy in the botanical gardens midweek. Sadly before the main act began, Zak wasn't feeling too well and we had to bring him home.

 Thankfully some friends were there and could bring Keren home after the concert. She thoroughly enjoyed it and has been playing his music ever since. 

There was some mosaic work this week. Hours of cutting tiles for kits that had been ordered. Zak lent a hand too by picking and cleaning tiles for a larger project.
Thursday was a pj day as both Zak and I were not well. I was thankful when hubby came home and took over making supper and ordered me to bed early. 

Another highlight of the week was an afternoon visit with my sister who is visiting Cape Town. Wonderful to enjoy coffee, milk tart and afternoon conversations in the shade of a great tree. Great for cousins to connect too. 

Oh! And Keren received her mark for her practical and came top of her class with the highest mark she has ever attained for an art practical!
 We are so happy for her and all her hours of hard work certainly paid off. 

How was your week?

Weekly Wrap-Up

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