Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with Beautiful Art

Deadlines mean hours of work.
Sometimes all day and all night.
Every spare moment put to good use.....

On Tuesday I had the feeling that I would win another competition soon. Seems when I get that feeling, it comes true! I opened my inbox to the pleasant surprise of an email telling me I had indeed won vouchers to the Magnum Pop Up Store!
 I figured what better way is there to celebrate the end of weeks and hours of hard graft on an art assignment? Keren's assignment was finally handed in on Tuesday so we met up after her art class with friends to enjoy decadently, delicious Magnums and celebrate the end of hours and hours of work on these amazing pieces of art.

Decadent indeed with choices of dark, light or normal chocolate and three toppings with another drizzle of chocolate! Toppings such as caramel cashews, popping chocolate candy, honeycomb, ginger, pistachio and coconut, strawberry or oreos to name a few. I opted for dark chocolate, chili, mixed berries and caramel cashews...a real treat! 

The pop up store  in Cavendish closes on Sunday, if you can, it's worth the treat to go and enjoy your own before then!

Otherwise the week was taken up with normal school days where the kids progressed steadily. There was some mosaic work for me too. Somehow I lacked the motivation to go on my morning walks. I am hoping to be more diligent next week. 

Friday is always more relaxed and Keren went to church early this morning to do the decor for  youth tonight. She took along some school books so she could do some work too. It will be a long day with her getting home late after youth tonight.

Despite the fact it was Friday with a more relaxed attitude, Zak re started an anatomy and physiology course that we had started last year and somehow not got too far with. It felt good to make a fresh start despite it being the end of the work week.

Tonight the kids will enjoy youth while hubby and I chop vegetables at a work party preparing for our neighbor's son's  school food fair tomorrow. Lots of chopping will be paid for with good company, a glass of wine and pizzas! Should be fun!

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Sounds like a fun evening in the works! Mercy those ice cream bars are making my mouth water. Seriously. Have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats on your win! Just stopping by from Weekly Wrap up.


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