Sunday, June 30, 2013

Five Minute Friday : In Between

Late for Friday, being Sunday already but that's OK.

In Between :
I know what in between feels like. The space after the darkest hour...just before the dawn. 
I have been there... and now I am moving forward. 
Forward and away from that place into the dawn. Away from the cluttered and crowded thoughts. Pressing in to the new dawn and brightness. A place of simplicity, being grounded, blossoming and growth. 
Clearer and less cluttered.
There will be changes, letting go and moving forward with confidence and awareness. Allowing faith, joy, patience, grace and peace to be the tools that determine the growth. 
I will take baby steps and enjoy the journey. 

"Unscripted, unedited, real" Lisa- Jo Baker
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  1. Visiting from Lisa-Jo's. Love your line "I will take baby steps and enjoy the journey". Forward motion of snail speed is still forward motion. At least that's how I feel most days. Thanks for sharing!

    1. True...still forward even at snail's pace :)


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