Sunday, July 7, 2013

Slow Living Month 6

June saw cooler Winter's weather with some beautiful sunny days splashed in between.
 As usual it seemed to fly by. 
Once again, lovely to look back on achievements however big or small, and link up with Christine at Slow Living Essentials.


Hubby did most of the cooking this month as I was not well. He did a good job of feeding everyone! My butternut soup was a hit again and enjoyed by all.

Not much here except chillies and granadilla pulp that was frozen for later use.


My youngest had fun making a "smonster" from old Smartie boxes.

 He entered a competition and eagerly awaits the judges decision.


Hubby got around to chopping up the old tree trunk that was cut down some time ago.

 We have logs for winter fires and will be saving on heating our home over the winter. 


The winter garden is not producing to much. I had to get rid of my broccoli as it was attacked by aphids and eaten by worms. Peas are coming along and I look forward to my red cabbage harvest. 

Chillies, peppers, pepperdews and grannadillas are picked often. 
The leeks are looking good and we have been enjoying the last of the black basil.

 There is always spinach and the odd tomato despite the cold weather.
 Broad beans should start to flower soon.

I enjoyed plenty of bead-work over the month.

 Bracelets, ear rings and decorative key chains were made. 

I had my first experience with pottery ever and made a number of items which need to be fired. 
My favourite was a milk jug which I really look forward to seeing when it is done.
 I began a mosaic mirror as a gift for a dear friend too.

 My sister finally got the pair of bright red fingerless mittens that I had promised her. 

This was a month of discovering myself again.
 A time of releasing, letting go and moving forward in a better space. 

We live in a wonderful neighbourhood and enjoyed the first of a new Sunday afternoon tradition....
a lovely tradition for winter....
Sunday afternoon tea time for who ever is around, taking turns to bake delicious treats such as scones with strawberry jam and cream.... 
and a warm winter fire with lots of happy chatter and laughter.

We enjoyed our daughter's first art exhibition at her art school.

 The exhibition showcased all the work done over the first two terms in each of the following disciplines: photography, drawing, painting and mixed media, communication design, surface design and spatial design. 
It was wonderful to see all the beautiful work of the grade 10 students. 
She chose painting and mixed media as her first subject choice and was fortunate enough to be allocated to this class. 


Treated to coffee and cake out by my sweet daughter,
 forest and beach walks with hubby,

 special family times, 
new friends and old friends,
  treated to a girls movie night and dinner with a girlfriend.

Slow Living 2013 - Month by Month

Thank you Christine for the link up. 


  1. Lovely to join in with your month again, Wendy. Lots of crafty goodness happening - your beading looks wonderful and I can only imagine how much fun the pottery and mosaic work is! Beautiful artwork by your daughter, too. :)

  2. Great Slow Living post Wends. Miss you my friend. {hugs}


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