Saturday, October 24, 2015

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes - Day 19 Honour

Honor...the Greek word, timao, translated to honor means "to prize (fix a value upon), to revere". Showing honor is then treating others respectfully because we value them highly. 

What comes to mind is the commandment to honor our parents and the promise that comes with this. A promise that your days may be long in the land He has given you. Imagine if all children were taught to honor their parents....imagine the impact on relationships with others if honor was taught at a young age.
As parents we can treat our children with honor too. 
How do we discipline them?
 Are we treating them with respect and dignity? 
Do we honor the aged among us and treat them with respect too? 
Do we honor the people who serve us at the shops or the petrol attendant? 
Honor does not depend on how we feel at the time. Perhaps their issues are greater than yours. Perhaps you are the ray of light that is needed to brighten their day.
Imagine a world where we all humbled ourselves in order to honor one another at all times.
Who can you show honor to today?  

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