Sunday, November 1, 2009

The week that was

I have not been able to blog in a while as we ran out of cap again! It seems that even doubling what we used to get is now not enough.... Sometimes I wonder how we handled life before home computers, Internet and email etc. For our children, it is a normal part of daily life. When I was in high school we didn't even have computers at school! Anyway, I am really glad it is the first of the month and we have cap again.

Monday was the last day of K's cooking course and it was a treat to eat the delicious goodies she made. I whipped up a salad and baked potatoes to go with the crispy chicken strips she made. We all enjoyed the choc chip cookies over the next day or so as well as the tasty peppermint crisp, caramel fridge cake. K decided to surprise her Uncle with a fridge cake for his birthday too. I just love that she enjoys cooking and baking and pray that she will be a blessing to her own family one day as she lovingly prepares meals for them.

We had some fun with our Zoology this week when we learned about bats. The mother bat sniffs out her baby among the millions that may be in the bat nursery. She has her own unique scent that she rubs onto her baby and this allows her to recognise her baby even if it does not answer her calls. We did an activity to see what it is like to find a baby pup in a crowded nursery...

The children gathered 20 different agents with characteristic smells such as perfumes, vanilla, soy sauce etc. They transferred the scent to 20 cotton balls and each chose a smell to be their own. Z who is my sensitive one, was not too keen on all the different smells he had to smell... we had a good laugh at his expressions while we did this fun activity!

They had to wear a blind fold and sniff out their own "bat pup". The children discovered that bats have an excellent God given sense of smell and we had great fun trying to figure out if we had identified the smells correctly or not.

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  1. We are doing the bats section this week also. We are about to do that same experiment.


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