Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun School and Keepers

While J has been hard at work with the Lego league this week, we have been taking it a little easier at home. K was not too well for the first the first part of the week, feeling rather fluey and running a temperature.

We managed to get a fair amount of reading done and later in the week K did some baking for the Lego team. They enjoyed her choc chip cookies and vanilla muffins.The kids also had great fun seeing how many steps they could clock up on a pedometer this week. It was delivered free of charge through our medical aid company.

We had some making pterosaur fossils after completing that section in our Zoology.

The children also completed their frog lap books for their study on amphibians.

We had great fun on Friday afternoon when the Keepers group met again. My dear talented friend taught us how to make felt hearts. They can be used as Christmas decorations or just to pretty up a door or cupboard handle. They can be scented with essential oils too. I also thought they would make rather good pincushions!

The girls did a great job! Mine are the two red ones. I just love learning how to make something I have never made before.

K made another one last night to decorate her bedside table.

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