Sunday, February 13, 2011

Extra activities

J is back to training after having his wisdom teeth out. He is also being trained to teach the " little ninjas" at karate. He helps teach twice a week and then Saturday mornings too. The aim is for him to run the Saturday class in the not too distant future.

I still cant believe how high he kicks!

Z is a real hands on boy and loves making things, taking things apart and building Lego for hours. He recently joined Tekioo club which will meet once a month . It is a design and technology club where the children make something useful from start to finish. They get to roll up their sleeves and do something new and challenging! They explore their creativity and develop practical skills as well as problem solving skills.
At his first lesson he made a place mat holder , which he decided would be useful to store his National Geographic Magazines. Next month he will make the place mats.

He is enjoying his riding lessons and especially the bare back riding. When the lessons are over , he hastily makes his way to the rope swings. It is so peaceful and beautiful at the place where he rides and I just love that escape to a bit of heaven on earth!

K now spends her Monday afternoons at art. She has wanted formal lessons for some time and we heard that a local artist was taking on new students.She absolutely loves her lessons and so far they have been drawing with pencil, fine liner and ballpoints. My favourite are the chillies. This weeks lesson was somewhat different and they spent time experiencing water (swimming) and then painting water. I have yet to see the painting.

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