Saturday, February 26, 2011

My thoughts

Of late, so much has happened to those near and dear to me. A recent email has also inspired me to share some of my thoughts.

As we tread on this earth, let us do so gently. Let us be mindful of those around us: family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers like the petrol attendant or the shop assistant. Do we know their personal situation? Have they lost someone near and dear? Are they fighting battles we don't know of? Is each day a challenge for them? Are they battling with anxiety over the future? Are they lonely?

So often we are harsh or careless with our words, judgemental or critical of others. Our words lack tenderness. We fail to stop and think and put ourselves in their shoes. Words said carelessly can cause pain and anguish to others without us even being aware of the consequences. Are we so short sighted that we cannot see beyond the so called shortcomings of those around us?
We are all human and all make mistakes.

God, however loves us as we are, and His love and grace cover all. He is tender, loving, merciful and full of grace. Let us be so with those we encounter on a daily basis. Let us be kind, patient and tender with those around us, and above all humble and forgiving. Let us speak life giving words to those we encounter and be mindful of how we treat them for we know not what they endure. Let us look beyond their short comings and see them as He sees them.


  1. So true... always good to be reminded of this truth... xx

  2. Yes, thanks Teresa. I love reading your blog xx

  3. This email touched me too. Thanks for the reminder. We get so wrapped up in our own issues and forget what others are going through. Love you. xx


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