Saturday, February 12, 2011

From my kitchen

One of my "resolutions" for the new year is to try a new recipe once a week. I am not sure that I have got that right every week, but I certainly have tried a number of different recipes. I have been so inspired by "Jane's Delicious Kitchen". I love that her recipes are seasonal according to what is naturally abundant at that time of year.

Plums have been reasonably priced of late and couldn't resist trying out Jane's Chinese Plum Sauce. It is so tasty and has the most delicious ingredients such as ginger, garlic and even chocolate! We ate it over crispy pork as the recipe book suggested.
At the same time, I made some plum cordial flavoured with lemon balm from the garden.

The Chinese no name chicken with mushrooms and peanuts was superb! It was so good, I made it two weeks in a row. Spring onions, basil and chili from the garden were used in this recipe.

Another one I tried was the Flamenco chorizo and potato salad....a real winner! The flavours were amazing and of course the parsley, mint and rosemary all came from the garden. It tasted far better than it looks in the photo.

A dear friend gave me some not so baby marrows from her garden and I tried Jane's quick bread with summer squash. It was served warm with thick lashings of butter....the only way to serve freshly baked bread!

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