Saturday, May 21, 2011

Teddy Fair

My daughter was asked to work at the Teddy Fair this year. It is an annual event on a nearby wine farm and I always seem to miss it for some reason or another. With my sister here, my daughter working there and friends who were keen to go, there was no way I was missing it this year!

All though not there for very long, the time spent there was delightful and I will be sure that when I return next year, I have plenty of change to spare so I can buy a bear!

Christmas Bears

Rainbow Nation Bears (gotta love them!)

Rupert the Bear ( and the tune from when we were kiddies is going round & round in my head !)

Winnie the Pooh

Loved these cuddly guys too!

Teddy Bears Tea Party

Loved these two with their gorgeous hats and big feet and the expression on the one with the purple ribbon!

I hope to get in touch with one of these talented ladies so the girls at the craft club can learn to make their own bears.

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