Saturday, May 21, 2011

A belated gift

A while back I had a delightful visit out into the countryside with some friends to Nurturing Fibres While there, I chose two balls of wool with specific people in mind. I was happy to have the asssistance of my friends when choosing the colours of the wool. Once home, I set to work on a challenging pattern to make a birthday gift for my precious sister.

Little did I know that it would be completed long after her birthday and I finally managed to give her the belated gift on her recent visit. She was so thrilled with the choice of colour and will find the scarf useful in the cold Free State winters.

I enjoyed the challenge of a new pattern but was disappointed with myself for choosing to make the smaller size as I think there would have been enough wool to complete the bigger size. Anyhow, I now have left over wool and will perhaps use it in my first attempt at knitted socks.


  1. That is beautiful Wendy! Carle is dying some more wool for me so that I can finish my one. So rest assured - you made the right choice to make the smaller size.
    Luv Shirley

  2. Thanks Shirley, that was a fun day with you and is tucked away in my memory bank...look forward to seeing yours when it is done xxx


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