Saturday, January 7, 2012

1000 Gifts in 2012 : January's Joy Dare Week 1

Last year I got myself a copy of Ann Voskamp's book :
One Thousand Gifts.
She dares one to live fully right where you are despite any circumstances, embracing a lifestyle of gratitude! 
As a family we have been happy to say goodbye to 2011 as it has been one of the tougher years we have faced together due to hubby's retrenchment at the end of 2010.
 Despite this, we have known and been shown love, grace, compassion, favour, blessing throughout the year. 

I am taking the "Joy Dare" for January and plan to list my 1000 gifts for the year.
These are gifts I have, not those I here goes!

 I am grateful for:
Day 1 (things about myself) 
1) my loving husband who keeps looking up even in the darkest hours,
2) our three precious children
3) our extended family.

Day 2 (a gift outside, inside and on a plate) 
4) a windless Summer's evening shared with my "farm" sister, family and old friends,
5) a comfy couch to relax on at the end of a busy day
6) delicious meals shared together while my sister was here. 

Day 3 ( 3 lines that are graces)
7) "God is the best listener, you don't need to shout, nor cry out loud because He hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart"
8) "God can and will reverse, restore, revive and renew"
9) "Despite what circumstances shout, God is always on my side and working on my behalf!"

Day 4 (one gift old, one new & one blue)
10)"Jane's Delicious Garden" book from a birthday a few years back,
11) poppy seeds that came in my recent birthday present from my sister

12) blue sea and skies shared with family!

Day 5 (something I am reading, making and seeing)
13) my Bible,
14) fresh basil pesto
15) the growth taking place in our veg garden!

Day 6 (one thing in my bag, fridge and heart)
16) vouchers I have been blessed with,
17) jars of jam and chutney made with the blessing of apricots from the farm
18) the voice of HOPE
 that says all things are possible!

Day 7 (3 graces from people I love)
19) I have been shown endless grace from those I love,
20) grace & love shown when I have battled with life's challenges,
21) grace shown when I am too tired to make a "proper" dinner and decide to serve toast instead!

Why don't you join me in January's Joy Dare!

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