Monday, December 3, 2012

Joy Dare last of November

Day 27
1123) reading aloud to my tween son, enjoying that he still enjoys me reading to him
1124) coffee with a friend and talking gardening together
1124) movies and milkshakes with the teens

Day 28
(gift in community)
1125) the gift of our neighbourhood...always there for each other 

Day 29
1126) catching up with a friend that I don't see too often
1127) hubby's wise words

Day 30
1128) my neighbour doing my hair for me again
1129) enjoying an art exhibition with my daughter and neighbour this evening while hubby kindly watched over all the neighbourhood kids

 Day 1
1130) time spent with my daughter 
1131) perfect windless summer evening,
hubby doing a braai for dinner,
happy kids running around the garden at dusk
1132) chatting to my mum today

Day 2
1133) a call from my 'big" sister...lovely to catch up
1134) watching kids enjoying pancakes filled with home made lemon curd and  ice cream for dinner 

Day 3
(gift shining)
1135) shining lights in our home each night, thankful we have them
1136) catching up with a friend from my student days today

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