Monday, December 10, 2012

Joy Dare December week 1

Counting blessings....

Day 4
1137) thankful for a good workout again today
1138) gift crafted...
 thankful for my daughter's help in making beautiful gifts
1139) a lovely evening spent celebrating a birthday

Day 5
1140) delicious dinner made by my teen son tonight
1141) catching up with my farm sis tonight

Day 6
1142) gift sweet...

 gorgeous baby nephew here again this evening
1143) my daughter unexpectedly getting a days work again
1144) friends popping in for coffee

Day 7
1145) plump delicious free range chicken, a gift from my neighbour
1146) first mince pie of the season
1147) my dad visiting
1148) surprise brandbucket full of delicious goodies to try out: cookies, nougat, sweets and iced tea
1149) my daughter's great end of term marks for art

Day 8
1150 ) gift held....
 an unexpected parcel from the USA...
a mini Christmas swap filled with all sorts
1151) gift heard...
my daughter's delight in answered prayers
1152) technology that allows my mum to send me photos from afar within minutes

Day 9
1153) gift ugly beautiful...
garden turned ugly with sand as the swimming pool is being repaired....
beautiful that the kids should be able to swim soon

Day 10
1154) bumping into friends from 24 years ago
1155) medical tests with good results

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