Thursday, December 20, 2012

Joy Dare December week 2

Giving thanks....

Day 11
1156) holiday freedom ...seeing my youngest happy and free, swimming and bike riding with friends
1157) picnic in the park today, a park a stones throw from home that we didn't know existed

Day 12
1158) my neighbour arriving at the gate with an ice cold soda for me.... just when I was wishing I had one

Day 13
1159) teen son making dinner again tonight
1160) friends popping in with dessert

Day 14
1161) sweet baby here again, fun swimming together
1162) blackberries, gift from a friend
1163) enjoying a silly but sweet Christmas movie with the kids

Day 15
1164) beautiful bright red Poinsettias, an early birthday gift, bringing cheer to my home and treasured memories of my now almost 18 year old as a toddler at Christmas time

Day 16
1165) perfect summer evening .... coffee and mince pies outdoors chatting with the neighbours
1166) meaningful chats with our teens tonight in light of the recent US tragedy

Day 17
1167) my birthday.... 
beautiful messages and phone calls from family and friends, delicious breakfast made by hubby, surrounded by family and friends, memories and laughter shared, blessed with lovely gifts....
thankful for another year and thankful for those that add joy to my life

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