Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When Christmas came early

 On the weekend hubby collected parcels at the post office and came home with a box from the USA. It was a wonderful and unexpected surprise! I had signed up with Worldwide Culture Swap for a mini holiday swap some time ago. Somehow I didn't receive the original email linking us with another family, so I didn't think about it again. Thankfully I now know who sent us this lovely gift and we will be sending their pack soon!

The children and I had such fun opening this generously filled box and delighting in it's contents....
it truly felt like we were opening gifts on Christmas day!

We received a letter from the Green family, the story of our Saviour's birth, and a copy of their family favourite Christmas songs. I love the colourful Christmas tea towel. There were also two mini Christmas stockings, a candy wreath, a beautiful tree decoration depicting Mary, Joseph and Jesus as well as some Christmas pencils and a big pen decorated with Santa. 

As we delved further into the box we found a snow globe, a cinnamon scented candle, candy cane flavoured pop rocks, peppermint flavoured hot chocolate, white chocolate hot chocolate and a cute bell shaped cookie cutter...Christmas cookie baking and decorating coming up soon in this house!

And there was more.....

.....a snowflake light that flashes different colours, flexible snowman and Santa toys , home made tree decorations and Crabby Pattie candy!

Mini candy canes with the legend of the candy cane completed this delightful surprise pack!

Culture Swapper

We are thankful to the Green family for the parcel and Worldwide Culture Swap for organising this fun swap!

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