Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February Joy Dare

Day 5
1273) time spent with my precious baby nephew
1274) my teens returning home safely after an evening out with friends

Day 6
1275) gift found outside...ripe granadillas hiding between the flowers each day
1276) long overdue catch up with a friend
1277) conversations that revealed necessary truths

Day 7
1278) invitation to dinner at friends...a great evening catching up and a "no cook" night for me

Day 8
1279) miraculously answered prayers for a young boy knocked off his bike by a truck

Day 9
1280) unexpected grace...hubby mucking in and making dinner again when my neck was really sore tonight
1281) beautiful soaking rain most of the day today

Day 10
1282) discovering a new nursery with my neighbour today, and then getting into my garden
1283) a call from my farm sister

Day 11
gifts in working
1284) thankful for my little business that brings in bits and pieces here and there
1285) thankful to be working with my children each day
1286) thankful to catch up with my mum over the phone

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