Monday, February 4, 2013

Joy dare, last of January and counting on...

Giving thanks in all things...

Day 22
1242) despite being really sick when he wrote year end exams,
 thankful for news of our son's great results today
1243) thankful for friends and family who share our joy

Day 23
1244) sweet baby here again... bringing joy to our day
1245) oldest son making delicious dinner for us again

Day 24
1246) celebrating a dear friend's birthday... laughter and fun with the girls
1247) hubby and I treated to a wonderful dinner out by his colleague 

Day 25
a grace borrowed and a grace found
1248) borrowed....the washing machine that does the job well for our family of 5
1249) grace found.... grace from my family when I'm feeling stretched

Day 26
a gift before dawn, at noon, after dark
1250) before dawn....a good night's sleep
1251) at of my daughter and a sweet new friend who spent the weekend here
1252) after dark... enjoying friends Mexican birthday bash, good to get out for the evening

Day 27
3 gifts in the kitchen
1253) freshly picked veg from our garden
1254) hubby helping prepare tonight's meal
1255) my sweet girl washing up after the meal

Day 28
 graces found in friends
1256) friends who are always there for me no matter what
1257) friends who share in the joys and the low moments
1258) my eldest preparing a delicious Thai green curry tonight

Day 29
a soft word, a sight seen
1259) soft words...words that brought forgiveness and restoration
1260) sight seen....the waves rushing onto the shore as we walked on the beach this evening

Day 30
old things seen new
1261) thankful that my past is the past and that by His grace my future was made different

Day 31
a gift on paper
1262) words of encouragement read today


Day 1 
1263) hubby sorting dinner tonight
1264) aubergines, a gift from a friend's garden
1265) unexpectedly being asked to help friends tonight at their Moroccan dinner evening,
an evening of fun

Day 2
1266) rest from the routine and busyness of school days
1267) hubby preparing a wonderful meal for the family again tonight

Day 3
1268) enjoying mom and daughter time today
1269) lovely chat with my farm sister 

Day 4
1270) of those wonderfully productive days
1271) a tasty vegetarian meal made with produce two friends' gardens and my own
1272) listening to my teens chattering and laughing together, 
blessed that they are not just siblings but friends too!

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