Monday, February 18, 2013

Giving thanks in all things..

The week flew by but blessings were counted...

Day 12 - 18
1287) kindness from my neighbour when I wasn't feeling well ...
an ice cold soda, some herbal tea and gift of exfoliator for hands which she knows I love
1288) His grace and strength when mine feels depleted
1289) a friend popping in for coffee and a chat
1290) sweet surprises on Valentine's day from my mom in law
1291) a delicious dinner on Valentine's shared with neighbours and friends
1292) thankful for the neighbour who came to catch the snake in my garden
1293) leftovers that made another meal
1294) thankful that nothing else was stolen and no one harmed when thieves stole our gate motor AGAIN last night
1295) grace extended to me by hubby when I was grumpy
1296) good school week with the kids
1297) first magazine arriving for a subscription that is a wonderful year long gift from my sister
1298) relaxing evening braai with friends, just what was needed this evening
1299) restoration of a friendship
1300) celebrating our God-daughter's birthday
1301) friends lifting kids today

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