Monday, May 6, 2013

Counting Joys

Thankful for blessings..

Day 30
a gift given, made, sacrificed
1473) given...a glorious autumn day
1474) made last month on sales, so a little something extra in my deliveries today and hubby making a braai tonight (no cooking for me)
1475) dear friend sacrificing her cleaning lady and sending her over to do my windows

Day 1
gifts tasted
1476) sweetness of a day off in the middle of the week
1477) delicious soup made by my neighbour and shared with me
1478) fresh seaside air on yet another glorious autumn day .....

.... crazy dog and kids running wild and free

Day 2
1479) a gift magazine subscription gifted by my sister arriving each month
1480) a brisk morning walk with my friend on a chilly morning
1481) gift of laughter as a family as we enjoyed a comedy together tonight

Day 3
1482) delicious warm left overs for lunch on this chilly day
1483) winning a book prize today

Day 4
1484) spending the day in my pjs but still getting much done
1485) my neighbour giving us meat that she was not going to cook, fed us well and enough left over for hubby's lunches too

Day 5
a gift in a smile
1486) smiles all round as hubby's Dutch relatives visited today, beautiful day shared together

Day 6
gift found in Christ
1487) forgiveness... precious gift and precious conversations 

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